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- the mess of a dreamer
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14th-Sep-2008 11:53 pm - RUN!
YES! we were at shoppers, having the time of our lives planning the halloween party and laughing our asses off, and on the way home, we're walking through the parking lot. and nick had to stop and fix himself because the wind was blowing us away and it was cold.so we stopped for 15 seconds so he could put on his sweater, continue along our way and right before we're about to turn the corner we here two gun shots go off. me and andrew just stopped and looked at each other, and nick apparently didn't hear anything so was like. "what. what?" and then two more guns shots. and i was just like RUN! and we fucking booked it out of there. as we're running nick yells "i am not dying before this party"! lmfao now i have never heard a gun shot before in real life, and neither had andrew but we know that this sound was DEFINITELY a bullet flying out the barrel of some gun. we ran all the way to the space between boston pizza and wendy's before we stopped. then we took a breather, ran across warden and speed walked all the way home.

thinking about it now, i'm surprised victoria's face did not flash through my mind as it happened. i seriously had no time to think about anything but to get the hell out of there. and we were thinking after, imagine if nick didn't have to stop and fix his sweater. we would have been around that corner.

as soon as i got home i clicked on the SPICE playlist and hit play because that is the only thing that was calming me down.

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14th-Sep-2008 05:13 pm - the promise.
OMG. I miss the Spice Girls :(
I was actually coping quite well for the past couple months. Probably because I've been usIng Girls Aloud and Girlicious as coping mechanisms. I rebounded hard and needed 2 girl groups to cope.  But then about 2 weeks ago I massive SPICE RELAPSE! Maybe I turned back to Spice out of guilt? I hadn't been paying much attention to them with the other 9 girls taking up my time and Recently Played list on iTunes.

Anyway as a result I ended up buying Raw Spice on dvd finally, even though it's unofficial and I've seen it before on youtube, which were my previous excuses to not buy it. I also found my old Spice collectors photos and the majority of them are now residing on my wall. It's seriously like a Spice overdose, but well overdue since my Spice withdrawal was not resulting a very happy Ashley.

After my relapse I realized that its possible to still Spice Up My Life in a healthy dose and continue my Girlicious and Girls Aloud obsession, but mostly Girls Aloud. So while we're on the topic...

Sunny and I listened live online as Switch Radio interviewed Nadine about the new single and aired the song for the first time ever! I LOVE IT! There are lots of solo Sarah parts which I could not be happier about. She's almost like a discount Victoria... almost, no one could ever come close. Anyway the song aired around 3:20 and within an hour it was added to my iTunes library thanks to Sunny.



I've had it on repeat for the past hour :]

Moving on. I almost quit No Frills on Thursday. Katherine actually helped me write out my resignation letter and all, but instead Rob and I came up with a better idea and he gave me weekends off so I can get a break from school and work at the same time, which is overall what I wanted. So I only work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6-10. NO MORE 8.5 HOUR SHIFTS! And this way I can hopefully not go broke before osap comes. I don't even know when that's happening because they haven't even received my signature forms yet, so maybe they got lost or something. With the combination of my credit cards and phone bill, I won't be going shopping, or doing anything else that requires money any time soon. As long as I get osap by Halloween I'm happy, cause I know I'll be putting my costume and all that on my credit card. YAY MORE DEBT!

I'm pretty happy, other than the fact that I'm back in school, but I can't help that so I'll deal. At least I have class with Dragana this year!!!! I also have class with Chantal again and a lecture with Lee-Ann and Vanessa which should be fun. Also, since I have Fridays off I'm probably going to be spending them downtown with Nick and Zohra.

Nick and I are going out to dinner on Friday and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! We're going to this MAJOR restaurant downtown called Everest and if it's really good he might do his birthday dinner there. We passed by it last Friday when we were on our way to New Tribe and it looked nice so we thought, what the hell, let's go next week.

Speaking of New Tribe, I had planned to get my nose pierced on Friday and we went and they were like "We don't have time" even though they were gonna be open for another hour. Whatever. So I have no clue when that will be happening now, or if I'm even going to do it at New Tribe. Because I really do not want that huge ass stud in my nose for a month. SO UGLY! And if I don't do it there, I don't know where else to go. Somewhere cheap where I can choose a small diamond stud to put in instead. But whatever, I'm not really that concerned cause I'm in no rush to do it. Between the 2 failed New Tribe trips and a lot of thinking I don't know if I really want it at all anymore. I'm thinking a tattoo instead? We'll see.

OH! I got a new cell phone! A PINK BLACKBERRY PEARL!

i love it. i had a few technical and billing difficulties but those have all been sorted out now! so i have unlimited texting and talk to my fave 10! free evenings (6pm-7am) and weekends! unlimited internet! call waiting, conference calling, caller id and voice mail! and it surprisingly doens't cost that much either. the phone itself was free with the plan so i was pretty happy about that! i don't know how i ever lived without it. it passes so much time on the bus LOL. I also got a memory card for it which means I can upload all all the songs i want onto it and USE THEM AS MY RINGTONES!!! <3

aaaaaaand that pretty much wraps up this entry. I should probably go do some readings or something. If only I had baught my books yet.
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25th-Jun-2008 11:01 pm - omg these hicks
Me: So, her dad's name is Jamie, her mom's name is Lynn and her sister's name is Jamie-Lynn.
Nick: Well they are from the South.
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21st-Jun-2008 07:58 pm - we're funny :]
"I love the Spice Girls" - Rob
"Bitch, don't touch my foot spooner" - Rob
"A peacock?" - Rob
"Touch my... fuck" - Nawa
"Blue... like this?" - Chantal
"Why are your hands so cold?" - Phil
"Yea but how does the dog look" - Nawa
"Man! I feel like a woman" - Rob and Nawa
"What are you trying to do, kill us with Victoria Beckham songs?" - Nick
"My best friend Leslie says Oh she's just being Miley." - Nawa (singing in the shower)
"This would be much easier on my knees" - Me
"Chantal just kept going. She's like the energizer bunny" - Nawa
"When your hands are cold, the best place for them is under your arms or in your pants, and under your arms doesn't require purell" - Rob
"Are you sure you want to smell like a cantaloupe and not like a pretty flower or something?" - Nick
"SO way" - Sylvia

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13th-Jun-2008 11:01 pm - under MY umbrella
okay so. the other day. chantal, nick and i went to shoppers to get some random stuff. and it was raining a little outside so i had my umbrella with me. we get in the store and nick wanted to get a cart to put all our crap in. so i put my purse and umbrella in the cart and her was pushing it all around the store as we threw randomness in there so we could think about buying it later.
so an hour later we get to the cash to buy what we decided we wanted and i made sure i grabbed my umbrella and purse from the cart. STUPID ME. goes to pay and i put it down on the counter and of course. completely forget to grab it when i'm done and fully left it there.

so i realize this as soon as i get home. call nick to tell him so he can laugh. and then i text messaged nawa to ask him to look for it next time he's at work. so the next day nawa tells me that no one found it so now i'm thinking. wait. maybe i put it down at starbucks. but either way i was gonna have to go back to that plaza to get it.

then today. the three of us again go to shoppers to get mario kart for chantal's sister. and we're on our way out of the store. and the rack of umbrella's was there. and i'm like. oh. since my umbrella is gone i should look for a new one. and either nick or chantal said it would be funny if one of the staff put my umbrella on the rack thinking it was the stores. and i'm like. oh well mine's blue so if you see a blue one... and chantal goes. blue like this? and my umbrella was fully on the rack at this store. and i'm like. OMG that's soooo my umbrella. look it's broken. so i open it and sure enough it was broken. so i'm like,. okay well, do i just take it, or what? so we go find nawa and he's like. just take it. so we did.

but yea. shoppers fully tried to sell my broken umbrella. LOL.
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9th-May-2008 02:14 am - OMG MELANIE C
so yesterday, Nick, Vanessa and I went to the Melanie C concert and it was AMAZING.
we got there around 8 am, the doors opened at 8 pm, she went on stage at 10 pm.
we waiting for 14 hours, in the dirty ghetto, on the ground, bored to tears.
our bodies and feet are a tad slow form standing for so long. what a workout.
but it was well worth the wait cause we were in the second row, centre stage
and got some great pictures and videos including vlogs throughout the day  :D

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22nd-Jan-2008 10:26 pm - OMFG
nick tried to take a picture with my cell phone, but only got the back of his head. le sigh
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2nd-Jan-2008 09:57 pm - oh friends
Ashley: She has something wrong with her ovaries, it makes you gain weight.
Nick: Oh geez, I hope I don't have that.
Ashley: Dear, you don't have ovaries.
Nick: Oh...

Vanessa: Didn't I tell you about that?!?!
Ashley: NO!!!
Vanessa: Hold on, I have to take my retainer out for this one.

- says (12:15 AM):
did i tell u
i brunt my tongue
n split the top layer
inn half sora

- miss*ashley   _22 says (12:15 AM):
- says (12:15 AM):
ya so nasty

- miss*ashley   _22 says (12:15 AM):
HOW id dou do that?
- says (12:15 AM):

- miss*ashley   _22 says (12:16 AM):
wow we struglle to type LOL
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3rd-Dec-2007 06:22 pm - bag of bones
so today was my last day of school. how relieving. i have one week to study for my last exam. and then i'm free until january 4th. yay fun.
so to celebrate, nick and i went to starbucks. it's been pissing me off lately. first they made nick the shittiest eggnog latte ever. i don't even like eggnog, but mine tasted a hundred times better than his for some reason. and then today, i ordered the usual marble mocha macchiato. the same drink i've  been getting for the past 2 years. nick wanted wendy's so we left starbucks right away to go get his food. we're standing in line at wendy's and i took the first sip of my drink. it was the NASTIEST thing i've ever tasted in my life. nick said it was worse than his eggnog latte which was BAD!!! so we got his food and went right back to starbucks.

i walk up to the counter and i'm like, this is not what i ordered. the girl who made my drink (also the manager), asked what i ordered and i told her, and the she goes. "oh well, people have been making it wrong so what you probably want is a plain marble mocha." i just looked at her and said "no, i've been getting this for the past 2 years and it's never tasted like this before." and she's like "i don't want to argue with you, i'm just telling you that this is what the marble mocha macchiato is.." and she goes on to talk about espresso and cream and shit. and i'm like "okay, well i don't care what you call it, but this has never tasted like that before and i want what i usually get." so she made a normal marble mocha to see if that was what i wanted. i tasted it and it was NOT what i wanted but it was better than that other shit so i'm like. "this isn't it, but i'll take it cause it's better than that nasty stuff" and she's like, "well i want you to be happy" and then one of the regular workers came in from break and i was like, "he makes it good" so she called him over to make it. he hands me the drink and he's like taste that, and it was perfect. so we took the other drink too and left. we went back to wendy's and nick ate his food and we stayed there for a good two hours. talking mostly about the spice girls and their concert!

on another note. my cell phone is being really striaght lately. i swear everytime i push a button it turns off and then comes back on a second later with no service. after wendy's it had a spaz and was flashing and shit so i turned it off. and turned it back on and it said insert sin. even though it was already inserted. so i took it out and put it back in. so far it's been okay, but we'll see what happens with that.

the time is now or never, to fit the missing piece
to take this on together, you make me feel complete
we fall into the future, and through the looking glass
the light shines over our heads, and so it comes to pass

62 days

12th-Nov-2007 06:54 pm - Christmas is Coming
I love this time of year. I'm just in a good mood most of the time around Christmas. And as of one week ago I've started up the good old Christmas music. Everything that isn't jolly, is a hairflip! Nothing is bothering me anymore, (and that's also party because whenever I'm pissed I say to myself "Oh well, I have Spice Girls tickets and that's all that matters") but the Christmas joy helps too :]

For some reason, I keep remembering 2 things:
1. getting ready for Kristina's Christmas party 2 years ago at Nick's old house. In his basement. And we were listening to that S Club Christmas song. And burning her a cd. And we brought those gross cookies, oops. And we were playing hang man with Laura. And Nick fell in a box.
2. Going out in the freezing cold. Tuesday December 6th 2005, after school. First to Nick's house. And then out in the snow that was up to my knees. With my high heel boots, running for the bus because Nick made me. Standing at the bus stop with the broken glass. All so we could go to STC to get the new Lindsay Lohan cd.

good times.

It's Christmas time again
It's time to be nice to the people you can't stand all year
cher - hi hater
1st-Apr-2007 10:15 pm - birthdaaaaay
so yesterday was my fabulous birthday party!
it was sooo hot!!! we totally rocked the high school musical dance alongs!!!
and as usual, cranium was hella fun.

i got Material Girls on dvd from my bitch, Nicholas Picholas
a sexy jacket from Chantal and Kristina
a whole bunch of hot stuff from Rob and Stacey, including Pussycat Dolls piano music
and the "Avril Lavigne CD" from Zohra

PRETTY FREAKIN FUN FOR ME. so thanks to everyone. hop eyou all had an awesome time!!!

_sinful confessions...      † Breathe.                  - i who have nothing and forever will have no one. says:
your bday pics are like struggling to go on facebook lol
         miss*αshley.      _nick: "everyone get your boas" LOL says:
they're struggling to get to me too
         miss*αshley.      _nick: "everyone get your boas" LOL says:
lol. maybe cause they're so colourful, it takes  up more memory
_sinful confessions...      † Breathe.                  - i who have nothing and forever will have no one. says:
haha lol maybe
_sinful confessions...      † Breathe.                  - i who have nothing and forever will have no one. says:
it could also be all the hottness
         miss*αshley.      _nick: "everyone get your boas" LOL says:
that's probably it
_sinful confessions...      † Breathe.                  - i who have nothing and forever will have no one. says:
yea i think so too

and a little something from facebook

basically. today was pretty damn sweet and it was all because of my wicked awesome friends. honestly, i love you guys so much. and thanks so much to everyone who gave me a birthday message. i'm going to make sure i thank all of you personally! but i just wanted to say a little thank you to the most important people in my life who made today so awesome

you have no idea how much i love you.
thank you so much for everything you did today, it meant the world
i'm looking forward to many more years of March 27, 11:58 phone calls!
and i can't wait for your 19th! you're my number 1!

you are my sunshine
if it wasn't for you, my birthday would not have been complete
and i know you did your best to be first, but it's okay. it's not your fault society homework distracted you, and i forgive you

Even though you didn't beat Mark in your little challenge, you're still the best
i love you with all my heart! thanks for staying up till midnight just for me :]
if not for your exams, you could have joined me at swiss chalet
but it's okay. cause you can make up for it on Saturday. when we have sex.

you, and you alone, have made me look forward to so many thing this month
first your party, which was the highlight of my life! and now I'm so excited for my party so we can dance to high school musical. and i don't care how annoying we are, we're singing those songs allllll night long! i love you! so much!

i LOVED your little story
it was probably the best birthday wish of all time!!!
*you hear music, den den den*
you're sooo funny. and i totally touched your boob in the library when i gave you a hug. was it as good for you as it was for me?!

SEXY!!! i love you. thanks for the hot sex, i mean text. and for trying to get out of your test to spend spare with me! and for wearing eyeliner. JUST FOR ME!! and you're MORE than welcome to wear my crown on your birthday. i'll hook it up! let's go have sex. it'll be so good, we'll need a smoke.

I don't think I've ever gotten more birthday messages froma a single person in my life. HAHAHA. i cna't wait for your dinner so i can order my first legal drink. My summer this year better be full of you face! Love ya, mean it.

thanks for trying so hard to be the first to say happy birthday. Even though this is the second year you failed, it's the thought that counts, and just the fact that you made the effort is good enough for me! love ya freak!

Vanessa aka Home Skillet Biscuit:
you're so cute! thanks for thinking of me in science. HAHA. and for your awesome hug in the middle of the crowded hallway! i love you, i love you, i love you!!!

lastly, everyone that put a little shout out in their msn name
thanks guys! i have the best friends ever!
cher - hi hater
19th-Mar-2007 11:55 pm - yea so
this past weekend was the perfect way to end march break!
full of tons of fun, cranium, good food, and best friends

friday was the best! and saturday kept the party going!
so yay kristina and stacey for being 19!!!
i can't wait until the 31 for my big partaaayy

i want to cut my hair. for the longest time i wanted to grow it out long. but now it just looks like shit. so i'll take a few inches off whenever i get the chance.
and YEA! i paid off half my credit card bill today. so i'm still in debt, but not as much as before. haha.

on another note. i'm like... so sick of life right now. i hate school. and it seems like the pile of laundry in my room is  never ending. my room hasn't been clean for weeks. and if you knwo me, you know my room's usually clean cause i can't stand it when it's not.
i hate my bed, my desk, and all this other shitty furniture in my room that just makes it look cluttered. so i'm just gonna get rid of it all and just keep my tv, computer, piano (keyboard) and mirror.

and i really want a tattoo. i've always wanted the eye of horus. cause that's something that actually means something to me. but the more and more i think about i just want a fucking star on my wrist. and a heart on my pinky. screw it.

but anyway. i'm gonna go talk to Nick on the phone and watch the Hills again. cause i love that show. i wish i had the first season on dvd. damn my poorness.
cher - hi hater
okay so...
i was hella bored after school today, so nick and i decided to go out and wonder aimlessly
so we met at our meeting spot :P and went to the library to see if lisa was working
she was, so we stayed and talked secretly for about five minutes, while we pretended to look at the goosebumps books

after that we headed to starbucks, OF COURSE
we stayed there for a bit and talked about randomness, then headed over to shoppers drug mart
nick finally saw his lindsay magazine, and we looked at ice cream and shat

we headed to the condom section... cause you know, that's exactly what we needed
we spent a solid 20 minutes there, checking out all the different type and flavours
nick found a box of flavoured ones, and decided to try and smell them through the box, which clearly didn't work... lmao, loserface
so what were the flavours... vailla somethign or other, sexy dark chocolate... mmm... strawberry blah, anyway it was so funny.
then there were the different types... like... HER pleasure, TWISTED PLEASURE *meow*, studded, textured, something with ribs o.o, and a shit load of others we found really comical

oh my gosh, then the KY body jelly
the heated sensation one, LUBE... lmao, strawberry kiwi flavoured... yummy
i don't know which one it was, but nick poured one on my hand, making it all greasy... *sexy*
we also checked out the pregnancy tests and vagisil cream :P

and to top it all off, the funniest thing...
right beside that section... is all the crayola markers... lmao
we thought that was kind of funny
and nick wants to get the window markers, which chantal has, and i think they're pretty wicked

and that was my funny adventure... so yea
i'm done now... lol
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